Essence of NANDALA Detox Tea Clean, NEW kbeauty Cleansing Balm

The city life routine can be high-stress but on top of this, there are many environmental factors that clog pores, cause skin barrier to weaken and age prematurely. These factors may include dirt, dust, sweat, excess oil and free radicals that are not always visible.

What is Detox Skin Care?

Detox skincare is the removal of impurities from the surface of the skin. These could be dust, excess oil, free radicals or oxidative molecules from pollution in the environment, dead skin cells, etc. This can cause dullness of the skin and even breakouts. Detox skincare can help remove the daily residue with ease, to help you achieve soft, glassy and smooth skin.

Benefits of Detox Skin Care
Detox skincare promotes healthy cleansing of the face

  • It removes and cleanses deep from the pores of skin.
  • This helps improve and rejuvenate skin appearance.
  • It can rremove makeup instantly from virtually any location whether near a sink or not, all you need is a tissue or towel.
  • It improves your skin tone, maintaining healthy moisture and balance, for smoother skin 
  • It can help to brighten skin containing ingredients such as ginseng and niacinamide
  • It keeps the skin hydrated with healthy oils of young green tea seed, coconut, castor oil and shea butter
  • Detoxifying your skin daily helps to prevent them from early aging so you can look radiantly beautiful
  • Massaging the balm for several minutes helps circulation and activates collagen regeneration

Final Note

We all know that the hustle of city life can expose us to harmful pollutants. NANDALA inspires you to reconnect with nature and find simple solutions to form healthy habits. A smart, efficient one-step solution that leave your skin hydrated is all you need to stay on top of your skincare game.

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