Save time, Save water, Stick with a Smart All-In-One Skincare Routine

The road to a beautiful, healthy, glowing complexion requires small steps that form healthy habits. We all live busy lives and aiming to do extensive ten step skincare routine can seem overwhelming.

NANDALA makes it very simple to remove the day’s grime, filth, makeup and impurities from the air with one simple and convenient all-in-one l skincare with NANDALA Tone Up cleansing balm.

NANDALA Tone Up cleansing balm was designed for busy people on the go, early career builders with busy schedules  travel for work or spend their spare time making getaway plans.  The NANDALA Tone Up cleansing balm has a primary goal of detoxifying the skin by purifying and cleansing impurities from the surface of the skin.

The miraculous star ingredient inside this balm is young green tea seeds from Jeju Island. Green tea is recognized for being a. powerful antioxidant and there are benefits of green tea drinking as well as in skincare.  When creating this product, NANDALA had one idea on the mind – to make the skincare routine much easier and save you time. That is why NANDALA first product is designed in the form of a balm, which makes its much easy because you can even do it in the absence of a sink (water). NANDALA Tone Up cleansing balm it, daily cleansing can be done everywhere: from your bed, on a plane, at work. You just need to massage the balm on your face and wipe it out with a cotton pad or towel. And that is it!  

Simplifying the cleansing process goes a long way today, so locking the moisture it, evening the skin tone and keeping the face clean and healthy can be done only with just one product – NANDALA Tone Up cleansing balm.
Always on the reach, stock up on the bigger package for home use and the smaller one for traveling!

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