Words from the founder

NANDALA skincare was designed for people with busy lives living in the city chaos that don’t have time for 10-step skincare routines.

Our first product is a cleansing balm infused with green tea from Jeju Island. Now, you know green tea is a great superfood loaded with antioxidants anti-inflammatory agents, but cultivation in the southern most tip of South Korea, with volcanic soil, salty ocean winds and temperate climate makes this green tea even more powerful. It does an amazing job of taking the day’s dirt, impurities and makeup off and you can even do it without water / sink. Yes, the lazy bedside, wipe-off before a wipe-out and you can be sure there are no regrets the morning after.

At NANDALA, we understand your time is precious so we focus on smart all-in-one solutions that reduce time to beautiful skin.
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